Effective Communication


Effective Communications

One of the key skills for success in business is the ability to communicate effectively. It is important that we are able to express ourselves with confidence and authority in a variety of situations. We must be able to get our message across effectively both with clients and with staff. We must be able to express our views in groups, "stand our ground" under pressure and at times, express contrary opinions.



The objective of this 1 week training seminar is to assist staff in the development of all the communication and assertiveness skills necessary to express themselves effectively while at the same time learning the interpersonal skills necessary to manage working relationships successfully.



  • Communication and assertiveness skills overview
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Power of behavior
  • Different types of behavior - direct and indirect
  • Verbal and non verbal components of communication
  • Getting our message across effectively - the words and actions
  • Expressing our point of view constructively
  • Speaking up in a group situation
  • How to raise difficult and sensitive matters
  • Giving feedback to others constructively
  • Handling criticism and other forms of manipulation
  • How to set limits and say "No" without being unhelpful
  • Handling "difficult" people and situations without being aggressive
  • Using our skills for "win-win" outcomes.

On completion of the training programs, participants will be able to express themselves confidently, in both one to one and group situations. They will also be better able to handle day-to-day interpersonal situations in a manner, which is constructive for all parties.

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