Management Development


Management Development:

Training for Managers and Supervisors


Management development is critical for organizations in which managers direct and organize work. This Management development training will help develops managers who are effective leaders in your organization.

Within this Training Pack participants will learn about:

  • - Human Resource Functions
    - Human Resource Planning
    - Recruitment and Selection
    - Compensation and Benefits
    - Performance Appraisal
    - Training and Development
  • - Human Resource Planning
    - What is Human Resource Planning?
    - The Planning Process
  • Recruitment and Selection
    - Job Analysis and Job Descriptions
    - Sourcing Candidates
    - The Recruitment Interview
    - - Reference Checks and Making an Offer
  • Compensation and Benefits
    - Flat Rate Only
    - Flat Rate Plus Payment By Results
    - Merit Pay
  • Performance Appraisals
    - Why Have Performance Appraisals?
    - The Appraisal Process
    - Five Appraisal Techniques
  • Training and Development
    - What is Training?
    - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    - Training and Development Perspectives
    - The Training Cycle
    - Training Needs Analysis
    - New Core Competencies

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