The Art of Leadership







The Strategic Leadership Growth Model

Art of Leadership is a strategic leadership growth model that will empower future and present leaders from the business, political and academic worlds.

The Art of Leadership class will navigate through 5 sections that represent the 5 Leadership Traits of Sun Tzu (The 5 B’s of Leadership). The modules can be taught over a 1 day or a 5 day period of time. Each section is made up of a group of lessons that cover a specific area of leadership mastery or derailment that I have experienced in my life or through personal observation. Each module and lesson is followed by a time of reflection and inventory where the participants are challenged to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as they work to re-invent themselves as leaders. The Art of Leadership process includes a 52 week personal assessment model that will challenge anyone who currently has or seeks to possess the mantle of leadership.


My desire is for others to discover a new and exciting time of systematic growth by helping them developing a custom fit leadership growth model. By the end of this exercise, the participants should be able to lead and influence others like they never thought possible. After all, “How we learn, is ultimately how we will lead.”



            Brilliance – Belief – Benevolence

            Bravery - Brawn


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