The Trust Gap


The Trust Gap


There was once an unwritten contract between employees and organizations that exchanged wages and security for an employee’s loyalty, dedication, and performance. This contract has disappeared. We now use up our employees, as we would office supplies, then replace them when they are no longer useful. Individuals feel lower levels of trust and loyalty to the organization. This creates a trust gap between employees and their organizations and the solution involves long-term planning. The trust gap must be addressed to support an organization’s inner health and subsequently, maximize productivity and teamwork, enhance profitability, and strengthen its ability to compete in the 21st Century.


         Why Trust?

o        Organizations today require means to become ever more productive and profitable to compete in the world economy.

o        To be profitable an organization must maximize productivity.

o        Productivity is enhanced when all elements of the organization function smoothly not unlike a well-oiled machine.


         What is Trust?

o        Trust is ethical behavior.

o        Trust is an assumption of individual goals that parallel organizational goals.

o        Trust is the employee protecting the business interests of the organization.

o        Trust is the organization supporting the personal interests of the employee.


         What can destroy Trust?

o        Poor communication within the organization

o        Organizational decision-making that lacks integrity

o        Organizational leaders who simply manage, failing to lead


         Where does this leave my organization?

o        How do I create Trust in my organization?

o        Can Trust be re-built after it is destroyed?

o        How can I maximize my productivity and profitability?



      Our Objective for your Company?

– Building Trust to Maximize Profitability long-term

– Building Productivity and Teamwork

– Building Organizations to face the 21st Century

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