Corporate Athletics 101


Corporate Athletics 101 can help your company reach its potential with 5 modules built to create an Ideal Performance State for your key employees. We desire to empower your people to perform in the work place as a world class athlete would perform in their filed of competition. We will show your people how to maximize their potential through Preparation, Execution, Assessment and Recovery.



The 5 Modules of the Corporate Athlete:


1)    The Ideal Performance State- Increasing capacity at all levels for executives, business owners and athletes alike to bring their talents and skills to full ignition and to sustain high performance over time. “The ability to mobilize energy on demand.

2)    Physical Capacity- Energy can be defined as the capacity to do work.

3)    Emotional Capacity- Capacity is based on a  balance of happiness & drive

4)    Mental Capacity- Your capacity to innovate and problem solve fuel your output

5)    Spritual Capacity- Your faith and ethics control the scope of your work


“Some executives thrive under pressure. Others wilt. Sustained High Achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as sharp intellect. To bring mind, body and spirit to peak condition, executives need to learn what world class athletes already know: preparation for and recovering energy is as important as expending it”



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