Building and Executive Strategy


Building and Executing Strategy


Strategy without Tactics is the slowest way to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

Sun Tzu, Art of War


Strategy involves the gathering of information on competition, terrain, goals and expectations with a focus to develop a plan. The plan then must be Executable and Measurable with boundaries set for Time and Cadence. Taking time to plan and determine strategy will drastically increase your chances for success in any endeavor. Our goal is to teach you to develop strategy and then empower you to bring the strategy into the perfect “Concert of Execution”.


We would like to invite you to take part in a 5 session training Module that will help you develop Vision and then Execute the Vision through sound targets and tactics. We can accomplish this with our Proprietary ….


-Dream, Design, Build, Appraise System-


The 5 sessions in the Training Module are as Follows:


  • Dream- Learn to develop the Vision for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. We will focus on key objectives and appropriate targets for your vision.
  • Design- Learn to review your resources and develop tactics through an informed understanding of your terrain, stakeholders, competition and resources (time, money, etc)
  • Build- Learn to Champion a strategy while executing your targets and tactics within the boundaries of a plan.
  • Appraise- Learn to monitor and asses your results in route to applying the lessons learned.
  • Maintenance- Learn to asses your wins and your losses in developing new strategy.

After completing these modules each participant should be able to cast vision that is achievable and measurable, plan strategy with targets and tactics that are bound by time and execute their strategy with precision while stewarding their wins and losses.



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