Cultivating Creativity


Cultivating Creativity


Are you a creative person?  What kind of creativity do you have?


Cultivating Creativity is a short series of sessions introducing the awareness that everyone possesses a certain amount of creativity.  In most societies and cultures it is relatively easy to observe that some people seem to overflow with creativity while others do not seem to be aware they have any creativity at all.


Cultivating Creativity introduces the aspects of several different types of creativity and exposes how to recognize them and how to cultivate them in an individual.  The level of creativity and the type of creativity varies greatly from individual to individual.  Many people naturally possess more than one type of creativity.


Cultivating Creativity provides an individual with the insight and awareness to make a personal assessment of his/her level of creativity and type of creativity.  The session also provides a leader, manager, coach, employer, or parent with the insight and awareness of how to recognize the different types of creativity in others, and how to encourage a positive environment for creativity that will help promote creative development. 


Cultivating Creativity helps leaders and managers to understanding how individuals with different types of creativity can work together can provide improved success in the workforce team.  Because creative people are often difficult to manage, this session provides insight and suggestions that will help to foster, encourage, and channel creativity instead of stifling or suppressing it.


The cumulative positive ripple effect of creative people in a family, in a company, and even an entire nation, is too staggering to estimate or even anticipate.

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