The Aslan Proprietary Business Model


Information Integration & Visionary Communication

The Aslan Proprietary Business Model



One of the greatest challenges of corporations is the tendency for different departments to operate in isolation of each other, which often results in poor coordination and lack of effective communication. Aslan International has implemented a consortium model which avoids these pitfalls by systematizing extensive cross-departmental coordination and communication at the very core of company operations. As a result, AI offers superior service in evaluating and advising on clients' objectives and operations and in enhancing their internal processes.


Aslan International's Information Integration & Visionary Communication, synergizes the experience of experts from every major field related to clients' needs and goals. For instance, projects involving product development and promotion coordinate the involvement of leading specialists in product design, patent protection, manufacturing and distribution, marketing, trade marking and branding, corporate structuring, and strategic planning. The assigned Aslan team then synchronously advances product development with an overarching strategy involving every stage of bringing the product to market, from developing corporate entities around new products to coordinating long-range marketing strategies. Affective coordination is ensured through protocols which promote regular meetings of all key team members and regular communication between individual members at strategic junctures. In addition, the consortium model includes proprietary evaluation and monitoring systems which incorporate the perspective of each area of specialty to ensure projects advance effectively and efficiently.


Aslan International provides a full training and/or consulting module to address, mitigate and resolve this style of organizational “misappropriation.”  Information Integration & Visionary Communication is offered in a five module training set, beginning with assessment and providing a proprietary full management system which also provides the necessary tools to adjust and shift with the equally constant internal and external changes that transpire on a continual, real time basis.

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