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Product Development and Problem Solving


Product Development and Problem Solving


Product Development and Problem Solving is a short series that takes a look at the product development process and provides an overview of how products are developed from an idea inception through prototyping.  The series explores:

         How to keep up with and log ideas

         How to protect ideas

         The difference between ideas and innovations

         Different types of prototypes

         Creative prototyping techniques

         Testing products for performance and function

         The difference between absolute data and relative data


Product Development and Problem Solving also reviews several practical tools and techniques useful for solving problems such as:

         Fish Bone Diagrams

         Failure Analysis

         DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

         PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

         FEA (Failure Effects Analysis)

         Critical Path Analysis


         Decision Trees


Product Development and Problem Solving seeks to encourage and stimulate the product development process for an individual or company by introducing these powerful problem solving and development tools and technique.

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