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Business Opportunities in Nigeria: Partnerships


Are you looking to introduce your product or services to the Nigerian market?

Do you want to invest in the various opportunities currently available in Nigeria?

Let us help you complete a due diligence, to determine your next move. For a nomial consultancy fee, we will align you with a business of your dream. We can also advice you regarding partnerships in Nigeria.

If you are a US based business in rhe following areas we have listed, and you are interested in being a part of a global entity, please send an email to: 


        -Real Estate Development    

              *school buildings                                                                     *affordable housing
                        *hospitals, trauma centers, clinics
                        *government buildings

-Agricultural (Commercial Farming)                           

-Oil Industry: Oil Servicing Companies etc. 

-Bringing State of the Art Technology                                    
* refinery 
          -Our marketplace     (target: Africa)                                       

              * oil service company through our
                        *Water  Treatment                                                      


          -Computerization of Institutions                                 

            -Recycling of Refuse
          -You need assistance with a business type not listed here, please do not hesitate to call us. We
can assist in finding a partner in the U.S. or Nigeria to meet your business needs.

We can align US businesses with persons, organizations and governmental agencies in Nigeria seeking business partnerships at various levels.

Our Affiliate Partners:

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Our Affiliate Partners:

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