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About Us




Cambium Break Int'l. is a consortium of Change  Management Professionals based in the US (with presence in Africa- Lagos Nigeria and Asia). We are focused on helping Organizations and Companies achieve High Performance with Exceptional Results. 

Our Vision and Goal is to make a difference in African countries, primarily in Nigeria by empowering our target audience to great business success while also helping to alleviate poverty and hunger amongst children and women through our Foundation---Adassa Adumori Foundation.

We accomplish this by partnering with Organizations and Companies to create efficient business strategies which ultimately catapults them to a well deserving success.

Our mission is to help you "Maximize Productivity and Teamwork, Enhance Profitability, and Strengthen your Company's ability to Compete in the 21st Century."

We do this by presenting to you the best of both worlds: Western and African; expertise and advance technology to propel your company to the forefront of the 21st century.

Our group of consultants, come with a combined experience of over 90 years in various fields and are capable of assisting your organization reach its greatest potential.

The information provided here are proprietary information provided by our consultants:

Aslan Guild & Aslan International
Independent Contractors Consortium
Individual Consultants:
Dr. David Hancock
Dr. Fumi S Ogunleye Hancock

And we again ask that no part of this information be copied in part or in whole.

Anyone can bring a new product, concept, business or improvement to the marketplace. However, few business owners have the resources, relationships or personnel to maximize their potential. Whether someone is seeking to Start Up, Grow Up or Move On, we can help with our proprietary systems that will enable an entrepreneur and/ or a company to become the best they can be.

“Are other top performers stealing your competitive advantage and leaving you in search of better leadership? Now it’s your turn to lead and make a positive difference.”

Thank you for considering our group of consultants as a potential partner in your business. In a capitalistic, free enterprise society, we are blessed to have limitless opportunities that also bring limitless pitfalls and competition. Cambium Break, Int’l through partnership with our consultants, seeks to help our Business Owners and Corporations maximize their potential in their respective areas of industry. We operate as Ambassadors for our clients by teaching and empowering others in our areas of expertise while introducing good people to good companies and countries around the world.


We are a consortium of change management professionals with over 90 years combined experience. Our experienced consultants offer a wide range of management consultant services to assist corporations in developing better management skills to operate more effectively.  We seek to assist our clients to operate under a clear vision and action plan, and to obtain and use resources efficiently and measurably to achieve their mission.


While thousands of new businesses or strategies are started each year, very few seldom reach maturity or their full potential.   We have found through our experiences and our study that businesses and ventures succeed or fail due to the following ingredients:

What You Know; Whom You Know and Who Knows You.

Leadership                             Strategy

Vision                                      Business Model

Execution                               Marketing

Research                                Branding

Operations                             Patents and Protection

Product Development           Creativity
The Trust Gap


Our group of consultants has structured themselves to meet these very challenges. We bring together a team of experts who have spent years in the various fields that are critical to successfully launching, sustaining and growing a large or small corporation and or economic strategy.


Our consortium of Change Management professionals also maintain a reservoir of training modules, business ideas, relationships and solutions waiting to be used for your benefit. As stated by Aslan, one of our consultancy team, “we do not seek to change who you are or what it is that you do; we seek to be the catalyst for your personal, personnel and business growth.”

Our consultants are the answer for the closely held business owner. Our partners’ proprietary Dream, Design, Build, Appraise system (Aslan) will allow us to unlock you and your company’s potential.

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