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About Dr. Fumi S Ogunleye Hancock, RN, BSc, MA, Ph.D

Dr. Fumi (aka Princess Fumi) is the founder of CAMBIUM BREAK, Int'l, a consortium of change management professionals whose goal is to make a difference in the global business market; with great emphasis on the US and AFRICA. 

Born into a Nigerian Royal Family: The Adumori Royal Household from Emure Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, Dr. Fumi left Nigeria for the US over 24 years ago to complete a Masters Degree in Communications Arts. Since then, she has graduated with honors holding a Ph.D in Strategic Communications. In addition, she is a Registered Nurse with various experiences in the nursing field.


She has coordinated several programs for women and children with many social service agencies in the New York and New Jersey areas, ranging from foster care, adoption, second chance homes for pregnant teenagers to crisis intervention programs for battered women and has trained many groups ranging from small business owners to individuals on business management, nursing education while presenting on several topics across the country, particularly on topics geared towards women affairs.

With her passion for life and fashion, she alongside her partner, Ms. Yolanda Shields, launched a Fashion House based out of US, whose primary goal is to bring awareness to poverty and hunger in third world countries, particularly Africa.  The
ADASSA Brand as well as the Foundation: ADASSA ADUMORI FOUNDATION, are just a tip of what Dr. Fumi has brought to todays' business market.

It is no surprise that she has decided to lead this team of effective and efficient professionals in bringing change to the business sector in the global market with great emphasis on Africa. She is also more than happy to return to our homeland-Nigeria to help "build the bridge" between Africa and the US.

Her desire is to help people achieve their ultimate potential. She is accomplishing this by leading this consortium with great pride and humility.

Possess an adept ability to guide, manage and mobilize individuals, faith organizations, non-profits, community groups and local and tribal governments to come together to serve those in need. Not easily deterred when confronted with obstacles or challenges. Has the ability to identify issues, assess options, formulate and implement successful strategies to meet needs. Understand and appreciate the religious, cultural, social and geography diversities of Community being served and able to work effectively with a range of individuals and groups. Possess a passion for service and an excitement for ones responsibility to promote and advance the goals of the community initiatives program being represented.

SOCIAL SERVICE/ NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION/ WOMEN’S AFFAIRS: Management, Foster Care and Adoption; Family Preservation; Women Domestic Violence Shelter; Teenage Pregnancy Program-2nd Chance Homes for Pregnant Teenagers; Crisis Intervention; Senior Care; Individual and Group Therapy; Case Management; Child Abuse and Neglect; Senior Abuse and Neglect; Medicaid & Medicare Services: US Gov’t Subsidy Health Care Plan; Adult and Child Protective Services.

EDUCATION/ TRAINING: Management Training at Executive Level; Development and Implementation of school curriculum (primary through university levels); training staff, students and governmental arms; technical expertise in building and maintaining schools from ground up; developing technical materials to run varied Health Plans; entrepreneurial training, business development and start ups: Business plans and grant writing.

NURSING & PUBLIC HEALTHCARE: Effective Supervision of Established Programs; Policy, Procedure Designing & Implementation; Reviewing of current Health Plan Systems in California &Tennessee to provide corrective measures for growth; Effective Partnership Collaboration with outside Agencies to roll out new Health care programs; knowledge of disaster relief; Knowledge of: Case Management; Diabetes Management; Renal Failure Management; HIV/AIDS; High Risk Pregnancy; Pediatric Care; Immunizations; Neonatal Care; Obstetrics Nursing; Medication Management; Adult Medical-Surgery Nursing: Cardiac Care, Respiratory, CHF, Neuro, Trauma, Burn Victims Care, Asthma, Oncology (Cancer Care); Intensive Care; Geriatric Care; Nursing Home Care; Home Health Care; RN Clinical Education

Management, Reviewing Policies, Standards and Procedures governing Mental Health Care; Leading various Committees to review issues arising in Healthcare; Managing the following Disease Processes: Depression; Schizophrenia –psychosis; Bipolar Disorder; Borderline Personalities; Mood Disorder; Managed Care; Behavior Modification :Anger Management; Substance Abuse / Addiction; Case Management; Psychiatric Nursing; Medication Management; Crisis Intervention; Homeless Services; Criminal Justice System; Psycho Social Treatment; Suicide; Family Counseling; Marriage Counseling; RN Mental Health Education

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: Competency in developing programs for instructional materials; tracking related data, Software for Hospital Administration. E.g. Sunrise; Microsoft Office Products: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook Express, Internet Explorer; Web Development



 Care Coordination/ Management Series:
Mental Health & Medical: Treating Co-morbidity; Tackling Depression; What Everyone Must Know about Alzheimer’s Disease-Evidence Based Practice; Overcoming Fear; Behavioral Health Disease Management; Psychiatric Medication: An Introduction to commonly prescribed medications for mental health disorders; A Case for Comprehensive Discharge Planning for Hospitals; Case Management Series: Great Care Managers Make Mistakes Too. Do the Right Thing
!; Medical Behavioral Integration for People with Serious Mental Illness

Disease Management Series:

Mental Health:
Bipolar Disorder, Bare Facts on Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder; Medication Management
Medical Health:
Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, Heart Failure, Pregnancy Management, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, Smoking Cessation Program


2006:Journal of Advanced Nursing: A Concept Analysis of Nurse Burnout



BOOKS: “Stepping Out!”, a self-help, inspirational book- Published by Writer’s Digest/ Barnes & Nobles.   Publish Date: 12/00 Pen Name: Fumi Ogun ;“Starting Right Now!” – A 31 Day Journey to Self-Discovery & Recovery- Published by Writer’s Digest/ Barnes & Nobles.   Publish Date: 12/02“ Pen Name: Fumi Ogun Don’t Waste Your Pain! … Turning Life’s Tragedies into Passion” – Article published by Star Ledger August 2001;“Why Won’t She Stop Talking! Why Won’t He Just Listen!” – A Practical Insight to Communicating better with the Opposite Sex-Project being prepared for publication; 2007 Dairy of an African Warrior Princess, 2008
ARTICLES: 2006-2007 (Inspirational): Not Everything that Glitters is Gold; Destiny Under Fire; Exercising Your Kingdom Authority
You were Created to Prosper; Being Patient and Learning to Persevere; Enough is Enough; Power in the Tongue; Your Weapons of Power-Keys to Unlocking your Unlimited Success; Your Gift Will Make Room for You; Exercising Wisdom in Decision Making Process
Don’t Waste Your Pain; An Excellent Spirit Within; Nuggets for Everyday Living; Respect Your Life….Journey to Living in Significance with Dr Fumi

-“Can You Dare to Dream Again?” Presentation to New Jersey State Teen Expressions, 2000, 2001, 2002
-“Stepping Out…for the Refired!” Presentation at “Windrows at Plaza,” Princeton, N. J., 2001

-“The Dare to Dream Series” at ECREEMS Organization, Brooklyn Chapter, New York, 2001

-“Strategic Communication for Not-For-Profit Organizations” at House of Hope, Bklyn, N.Y, 2001

-“Maximizing Your Potential!” at United G. Fellowship International, NJ 2000, 2001

-“Unlocking Your Unlimited Success” at Women Sharing Organization, Inc. NJ, 2001

“Stand Up & Deliver!” Presentation to the Mercer County College first year students

-“Cultural Awareness, Sexual Abuse in the Latino and Black Communities, Goal setting for

-Families in Need, Independent Living: Little Flowers Services, Children’s Home Society, Womanspace,

 Inc., New Jersey 1996-1999

-“Stepping Out…for the Refired!” Presentation at “Windrows at Plaza, a Senior Assisted Living” Princeton, N. J., 2001

-Home Health Industry: Presented to Organizations in Orange County, CA 2003-2004
-Fall Prevention for the Elderly –
Knowing What To Do When Mother Falls™
Life Steps For Real Caregivers – Help, My Aging Mother is a Drama Queen™!
-Life Steps for Real Nurses--Improving Patient Safety with ID Bands.

  Presentation to Nurses at Children Hospital Los Angeles, CA, 2005




  • Competent in written and spoken English Language
  • Competent in spoken Yoruba Language (South-West Nigeria)
  • Studied French up to two years at Obafemi Awolowo University can easily acquire vocabulary and update grammar easily in a Francophone environment


Ms Yolanda Shields-CEO Youth Life learning Centers of TN

Yolanda Shields has a B.S. in Education and Social Work from Austin Peay State University and M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (Fall 2009). 


Yolanda E. Shields has held several management and consultant positions during her professional career.  She is the Chief Executive Officer for Youth Life Learning Centers of Tennessee and also chairs the task force board for the Governor of Tennessee.


Miss Shields takes leadership seriously.   The same zestful energy that she packs into being a great leader was also packed into building her career as an independent consultant.  She desires to serve with integrity and leaves nothing less than a trail of excellence wherever she’s involved.  She has assisted over 20 corporations in the areas of marketing, media relations, business development, children and youth program best practice, celebrity charity management, fund development, special event planning, strategic planning, leadership development training, and organizational sustainability.    


Miss Shields has earned the respect of individuals as well as the community in which she’s involved because she hones in on the day-to-day human contact skills that allow people to feel comfortable with her in order to accomplish the desired goals of the corporation.  Companies that contact her to provide a service are left with not only exceptional knowledge, but with the encouragement needed to reach their company goals. 

Yolanda Shields knows the importance of Philanthropy; she has worked hard to bring together generous givers to make a difference in communities with the goal of promoting the well-being of the communities most at risk. Her leadership skills, along with her commitment to make a difference, has worked to her advantage in establishing partnerships with several local and national nonprofits in order to create sustainability and decrease the duplication of services.


Over the years, Miss Shields has not only shared herself as a great leader but has also given of herself through a variety of volunteer activities.  She is very dedicated to mentoring future leaders by participating in community leadership groups.

A great deal of the information given deals with her job, but there’s more to Miss Shields.  Her desire to bring people together through community service and by doing volunteer work proves that she has a heart to be involved with the people around her.  In her spare time, she serves as a mentor and a tutor, as well as a member of several community/leadership organizations.  

As you can see, she not only provided leadership in her career path, but also in a volunteer capacity.

Yolanda E. Shields is sought after as a leader in her field to participate in brainstorming discussions on how to improve services of nonprofit organizations, as well as leadership strategies, and business development sustainability strategies in the corporate sector.




Mr. Brian Church- CEO Ambassador International

Brian Church entered the investment industry in 1998 with Putnam Investments where he specialized in modern portfolio construction and advanced client marketing. In 2001, Brian became the youngest Vice President in Putnam’s 60 year history and ran Putnam and Allstate's joint marketing arm in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

 In 2002, Brian was promoted to Vice President, Regional Marketing Director in charge of Putnam Retail Management’s distribution in Tennessee and Kentucky. While still at Putnam Brian raised private equity capital and became an owner, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Last Pairs Inc., a division of American Athletics. Brian went on to lead the start-up to generate over one million dollars in gross revenues within the first year. In 2004, Brian accepted a position to become the General Manager, Managing Director at Shoemaker Financial, an independent wealth management firm that currently manages over 500 million dollars for its clients. 

In four years, Brian has planted new branches in Nashville, TN and Evansville, IN for the 30 year old firm and has built a team of 28 employees who generate more than 2 million in revenue annually.  Brian recently was named Managing Partner at Shoemaker Financial, becoming the youngest to do so in the 130 year history of the Securian Financial Network. In 2008, Brian was the recipient of the prestigious Kruger award on behalf of his firm from GAMA International .

Brian is a co-founder and resides as Board President, Chief Executive Officer for a business consulting and invention incubation firm called the Aslan Guild. Mr Church is the Chief Executive Officer for Ambassador International. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of the Youth Life Foundation of Tennessee benefiting underprivileged children. 

Brian has a B.A. degree in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College, holds a Certificate of Financial Planning from Belmont University and is a Registered Principal with series 24,7,6,63,65 qualifications




Joel Buckner - Christian Artist

Joel Buckner

Growing up on the west side of Columbus, OH, Joel was a member of Bibleway Church, where he got his start directing the youth choir and singing in the Columbus Boy's Choir. Music became his life! At a praise and worship conference he met a pastor by the name of Jonathon Alvarado (Total Grace Christian Center, Atlanta, GA). Pastor Alvarado mentored and taught him the essence of worship and how to lead the people of God into His presence. Since then, Joel has penned the many compelling worship melodies including “Beyond the Veil” and “I Am Worship”. Joel’s hit song “Arise", performed by several gospel artists, is a declaration to the Believer to release the past and embrace all of what God has for us. His versatile writing style is noted on the acoustically driven "We Come to Worship You".


As an anointed Psalmist, Joel has traveled extensively ministering in song and drawing people into the presence of the Living God. He is currently a Worship Leader at Oasis Worship Center in Nashville, TN and tours as a background vocalist with Tonya Baker, Amante Lacey and Jonathon Dunn. Joel's passion is worship, and is exuded compassionately each time he ministers! The sincerity and transparency in his music ministry is obvious. Joel’s life is not just about his love for music and ability to write, but about a lifestyle of worship. So why does Joel do Christian music? “I write and sing because it’s about sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. It’s simply about teaching and declaring the freedom and dominion that we have as people. I do specifically a neo soul/acoustic praise and worship style of music because it fits who I am as a person. Each of us needs to fulfill the purpose and destiny that God has created or placed within us. So music is what comes out of me.”


Joel’s new EP I Will Live is an expression of freedom and example of the love that God has for us. “Often times people make worship this deep, spooky moment when it’s simply a yielded life to God,” Joel elucidates. “God wants relationship! So I pray that through my music people are able to have fun and enjoy God’s presence, while at the same time are able to receive healing and restoration.”


In writing this new collection, Joel has drawn from his lifestyle of worship and on his total dependence on the Lord. He has recorded three new songs that are like fresh wind, artistically inimitable and are drawn from the transparent heart of a minister. Many things can happen in life that might cast doubt on God’s purpose for each or His love for each of us. This is something Joel, as many of us, has experienced firsthand. “Continually asking how God could allow some circumstances in my life and my lack of confidence as a youngster can hinder a man’s growth forcing him to stay in an immature state,” Joel shares. “God has continually worked on brining those issues out of me as I’ve grown into a mature man today.” “Father of My Soul” is a song that speaks directly to being in the protective, consoling arms of the Father. Joy is complete knowing that if we just rest in God’s presence, He is always there and His love is pure and deep enough to conquer all.


Joel and his songwriting friend Kurtis Parks have undeniably written the new anthem in Praise and Worship music. “I Will Live”, his EP title track declares just that! “I Will Live” is applicable to a life of worship and a command from God. “It blesses me when I see other people succeed at being who God has created them to be,” Joel says. Just as Joel himself is emerging forward in the fellowship of talented, successful songwriters and developing his ministry with a fresh zeal for seeing the hearts of people complete in God.


Rounding out the project is “Psalm 9”, a chant of victory. Joel and Kurtis again join forces in the production of this song to further illustrate the diversity of Joel’s ministry. The multiplicity of Joel’s talent is proof positive that his heart for worship is global, multidimensional, and colorful and sets no boundaries.

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Lindsay Daly--- Youth Life learning Centers of Tennessee and an avid photographer

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Russell Bonnici: I am excited to offer an opportunity for students and business professionals alike to study abroad and experience diverse cultures.  When you become immersed in a different culture you broaden your skillset and learn innovative techniques that can assist in personal growth.


My journey began at Capilano University where I completed my Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Vancouver, Canada.  During my studies I felt it was important to apply my knowledge to the real world and improve my understanding of not just “Business” but more importantly “International Business”.


First, I had the opportunity to work for one of the largest corporations in British Columbia, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), where I developed my skills networking with major insurance brokers across the Greater Vancouver Region.  It was with ICBC that I was able to bring various companies together with a common goal to successfully execute detailed projects.


During my third year of Post Secondary studies while still employed with ICBC, I was offered an opportunity to study abroad in Asunción, Paraguay where I learned to read and write fluently in Spanish.  Being fluent and communicating in Spanish was a life-changing experience which allowed me to travel all over Australia and Europe, where speaking another language became part of my everyday life.


The programs offered by Learning is Living Enterprises allow its participants to broaden their learning horizons and become well rounded individuals through worldly experiences.  “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine.


On behalf of the directors, staff and teachers, I welcome you.  Learning has never been so fun and rewarding.

Russell Anthony Bonnici

CEO & Founder

Learning is Living Enterprises

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I, Toyinirawo Kayo-Ajayi was born in Nigeria, West Africa and currently reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I played semi/pro-soccer for approximately 10 years before moving to Canada in 2001.  I have now retired professionally but still play in the provincial premiership league.

After moving to Canada, I ventured around in search of farming because of my childhood passion of the job.  With the little knowledge of farming I acquired from my grandparents, during my younger years before I left Nigeria, I was able to learn how to use agricultural machinery.  My future plan was to educate my people about the advancement of farming and teach them the Western way in hopes to benefit the people in my homeland and surrounding areas and reducing the levels of poverty.

I visited private local businesses to gain hands-on knowledge about the job and anything related to farming, food productions, food preservations, farm management, farm construction and the handling and safety of farming equipment and accessories.  Furthermore, I developed a passion for dairy farming.  For seven years I was very fortunate to receive dairy farming education and experience from respectable 20-40 years experienced British Columbian dairy farmers.  I was able to develop from a learner to a trainer and manager for more than two dairy farms sizing 500 to over 1000 acres of farm land.

This program is similar to the opportunity that advanced my soccer career and took me to places that I have never dreamed of in my entire life.  I believe that this program is an excellent opportunity for any participant who is seeking the experience of a new culture while studying abroad. Not once did I doubt my ability, however when you hear all your life that you are talented, often you wonder if there are people out there who are just as gifted as you are, if not more.  Many times I have found that people blessed with exceptional talent don’t ever develop that drive to challenge themselves and the ones who find it difficult to succeed, are more competitive and have the heart to be the best.  Once you believe in yourself and chase your dreams, I assure you, that dream will come true.

Toyinirawo Kayo-Ajayi


Learning is Living Enterprises

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Ryan Daly - Video Producer


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Les E. Stouder, attended Notre Dame and Indiana Universities, focusing on law and business. Currently, he is President and owner of Consolidated Appraisal Systems, a Brentwood, Tennessee based Real Estate Appraisal and consulting firm, established in 1991.

Les is also Vice President of Stro-Bro Incorporated, an Indiana based commercial real estate Holding and Management Corporation, established in 1965.   Prior to this, he began as Superintendent and rose to Vice President of Planned Unit Environmental Development Corporation.

Les holds two patents on products in the Automotive, truck and boat industries.  Through the development of these products and subsequent patents, Les conceived the initial vision and concepts that eventually became the Aslan Guild.

Les has been engaged in consulting services in various capacities within the real estate industry, as well as intellectual property.  Consulting services provided include clients within the banking and lending industries for capital packaged loans, bank acquisitions and developmental projects. 

Additionally, Les has consulted with various clients and entities in intellectual property pertaining to strategies for protection, development, manufacturing options and providers, and product concept and features claims for patent filing.




Ms Britney O - Director of Programs: CambiumBreak Int'l
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Mrs Adaugo Nwalema is a dynamic and result oriented professional who holds a Diploma and Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre arts from the University of Port Harcourt in 1986, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA ) from the University of Lagos 2009 and an Associate from the Cost Management Institute of Nigeria.


She has over 12 years banking experience with Union Homes Savings and loans (A subsidiary of UNION Bank of Nigeria; which sprang through property management and sales, banking operations. In addition, she is currently the Head of Marketing as well as a versatile and highly sort after property consultant in Nigeria. She lends her expertise in real estate management and development to the Cambium Break Team as the primary project coordinator on exclusive projects for Cambium Break International, in the Nigerian market.

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